How To Get An ADD Child Ready For School

or…can you give Focus Factor to a 10 yr old? His comments are in italics. Mine are standard.

Time to get up, sweetie, school day.

Mm, I dreamed of snakes.

You need to get dressed and do your chores.

I found a sock!

(later, he comes down dressed in camoflauge shorts, an orange striped shirt and blue socks)

Chores, honey.

Ok mom. (rattling of the dishwasher being emptied)

(sound of drums being played on a pot with an egg whisk)

Focus, please, empty the dishwasher.

Ok Mom, what’s the difference between brown rice and sweet rice?


Mom what’s the square root of pi?

It’s called a slab pie, you make it in a brownie pan.

(confusion and strange looks from the household mathmetician)


Yes ma’am.

Don’t forget to take out the trash.

Hey you’re throwing away a can! I could use that to make a tin can telephone!


Yes ma’am

Your breakfast is ready.

YUM! What is it? (sounds of eating)

Time for the bus, did you brush your teeth?

Not yet, I’m waiting. Ok...(sounds of water running)

Don’t forget your lunch box.

what’s for lunch?

Sandwich, chips and a plum

I love plums Gran makes plum jelly do all plums taste about the same is it red or purple is it the size of a golf ball or bigger I don’t like the really big ones I hope its smaller than that.

Don’t forget your lunchbox. You’ll want to zip up your bookbag (sounds of bookbag contents hitting the floor) don’t forget your lunch.

Let’s go Mom, will you sit on the porch with me?

Yes I will, don’t forget your lunch.

Don’t forget your lunch.

(sitting on the porch letting him ramble)

There’s the bus, don’t forget your lunch.

Bye Mom! I love you!

I love you too! Here’s your lunch!



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2 Responses to How To Get An ADD Child Ready For School

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, do I remember those days. Yes, I do. My son would do his homework and then forget it half the time. Focus was not his thing. Love the photo.

  2. Kim says:

    Ha! I loved this! The picture, too, is pretty awesome!

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