Sunday Evening Wrap Up (because I’ve run out of original titles)

It was a good weekend, slightly productive but not annoyingly so…you know those people, the ones who start out at 4 am on Saturday, run a marathon, hoe the garden, cook a dinner for 20 and then get up on Sunday to spend 3 hours in Church, and Quality Tyme With The Family the rest of the day. Phooey on them, they make the rest of us look bad, and since they do, I might as well justify it, right?

CJ came down from Madison Saturday to get his tools and stuff. He saw some friends, recovered his cherished brass belt buckle from an old girlfriend, failed to find his phone,and spent most of Sunday with us. He likes his new school, the teachers (except for one, and that’s ok), and living with Uncle Navy Dude, except that UND is kind of…well, he doesn’t cut CJ any slack. He’s lost a little weight, probably because he’s not spending his weekends seeing how much beer he could drink, and is working on getting his truck presentable. UND announced that he *would* put the muffler back on because he (UND) didn’t want to listen to it.

The rest of the weekend was fiddle-farted away with junk food (vinegar and salt chips…YUM) and soda, watching the 4th season of Lost on Netflix Instant View. Junque Food Sunday, I call it. I *did* eat the requisite Big Green Salad for lunch, that cancels out the chips and coke, right? Right. Of course it does.

Now I’m staring down the barrel of the next week. Monday, after Monday Chores of laundry and cleaning the floors, I have to drive to Auburn, to see The Good Dr. H in Montgomery Tuesday morning. That’s right, I’ll drive 5 hours one way for a 15 minute psychiatric appointment. Well, I’ll squeeze in a visit to my parents and a trip to the Asian grocery store while I’m at it. I’m out of sticky rice and fish sauce, and the Bi-Lo just doesn’t carry those particular items. Plus I like driving and can ride with the top down if it’s not too hot. Which it’s predicted to be, like…102 tomorrow. Maybe top down won’t happen after all.

anyway…that my life, because it really is personal, after all.


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2 Responses to Sunday Evening Wrap Up (because I’ve run out of original titles)

  1. Judy Miller says:

    I like the kind of weekend in which I am required to do absolutely nothing–like this weekend.

  2. jerseechik says:

    I hear you about Monday: chores, school, getting ready for a yard sale. If it weren’t for “Shakespeare Retold” on Netflix Instant, I’d be tempted to actually go to bed and get some sleep…

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