The Best Intentions

I woke up this morning, a little groggy because CJ called at 10:30, in a weeping panic because apparently the computer chip in his truck was fried thanks to him not disconnecting the negative terminal on his battery before welding the exhaust pipe back on. But then, he knows more about all that shi…er…stuff than the rest of us do. Terry gave him groggy directions for resetting the chip, listened to CJ tell him he was wrong, and we both went back to sleep. At 11:30 CJ called again (do you *KNOW* what time it is? I asked. Yes, he replied, but it’s ok, I’ll get to school on time tomorrow. Which totally wasn’t the point of the question) to let us know he got the chip reset and all was well in his world and we didn’t have to worry about him anymore. We weren’t worried, just pissed that he woke us up. Because he doesn’t LIVE HERE ANYMORE. Anyway, neither one of us got the requisite 8-9 hours of sleep and so are cranky and unmotivated today.

I rode my stationary bike a little bit, only a bit, because 1/2 way through the programmed routine I realized I was starting to sweat and I hate that. So I quit, lay on the bed and watched 10 minutes of Batman, and then went outside to maybe dig up some dead azaleas. After moving some shi…er…stuff around to make the garden area a little more attractive, I commenced to digging, and realized what was *really* needed was a strong back with grubbing hoe. Not a housewife with a shovel. So I raked pinestraw instead. And realized here it was, 9 am, and I am dripping sweat because it’s like 150 degrees with 275% humidity and I really *really* dislike sweating. It’s why I need a lap pool. So I can float around in it, pretending that I had swum some laps and now I’m cooling down. One doesn’t sweat in a pool so much.

So, instead of grubbing dead azaleas, I picked some mint, came inside and made a pitcher of iced tea. Nothing is better when it’s 150 degrees and 275% humidity than a tall glass of iced mint tea. Nothing.

Do I get credit for wanting to do stuff outside? How about for moving 3 5 gallon half full jugs of used motor oil to someplace less visible than the herb garden? I also folded up the huge tarp that was hanging on the fence looking bright blue and kinda not very attractive. Once those azaleas are grubbed, I have some roses and other sunny place things to put there. Maybe some purple coneflower, or some blue salvia and orange lantana. you know, flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

I’m intending to make fish tacos for supper. The writing in the calendar says I’m going to either broil or grill the fish. If I make a low fat slaw and guacamole (everyone knows avocados are good for you) then it’s a healthy kind of dinner. But the day is young, and I love nothing more than a panko crumbed fried slab of fish. Will good intentions hold? can I do it? Lime marinade the fish, season it with cumin and dried chipotle and grill it? Can I? Or will the little demon on my shoulder take over, make some comment about the healthy salad lunch I’ve had for the past week and convince me to fry them babies? Right now, I mean well, but I’ve been known to throw good intentions to the trash and do what I *really* want.

Hey! I have another good intention! I’ve talked to 3 online universities about taking classes in psychology. I love psychology, have a whole shelving unit full of books on the subject, and think I’d like classes in it. Terry wants me to go to the physical school here- Georgia Southern University, and thinks getting out around people would be good for me. Perhaps it would, but the idea of being in a room full of 19 yr olds looking to have sex with each other does not appeal. Online schools cost a bit more- almost twice as much, but I could do the work at my convenience (within a time frame, usually a week to complete an assignment) and there isn’t that silly thing about humans where one is judged by how one looks, because you aren’t looking at people during the class discussion times, just the computer screen. I would have as much trouble taking a person seriously who is covered with piercings and body art as they would of me with my generous and unadorned phyz. Thus, the advantage of not seeing anyone. Plus, online done at my leisure would mean no interference from dealing with #4 school things, or phone calls, and I could work while the laundry churns. Plus, plus, in my opinion. I understand Terry’s desire to get me our of the house. I’m too solitary, I need people to bring me out of my shell, to broaden my fan base (or something). But, I’d have to get dressed to go to a physical class. I’d have to operate on someone else’s time frame, find a parking place in the 150 temps and 275% humidity. Ugh.


So, I’ve talked to 3 schools. One for a solid 2 hours and he was ready to sign me up right then. “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” I said. “Right now!” he said. “I’ll call you” I replied. “What’s the holdup?” he asked. “Money” I answered. “I’ll call you when I have the money to pay for it.” It’s actually the school I am most interested in, because their focus is Psychology, and they have an Industrial Psychology ( you know, human resources kind of thing) program that’s exactly what I am looking for. No clinical stuff, I can’t see myself sitting in a room listening to a rich person whine about their mother all day (Get over it! I’d say) nor could I work for a substance abuse program (You’re a dumbass! Quit taking drugs you moron! Not exactly the kind of thing they need, right.) Human resources is something I kinda do already. Terry comes home with an issue about an employee, I give him my thoughts on the subject, and he takes the info back to works and uses it. Then he takes me to dinner at Emma’s. 🙂

So, those are my intentions, large and small


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