Tuesday Has Good Intentions

Monday is busy getting over the weekend, cleaning up the mess, doing laundry, et al. Tuesday is when you get into the meat of the week. It’s when all the thinking you did on Monday gels into something real. My intention for today is to get David to move the big ginormous dollhouse that’s living on top of the freezer into my office, which with the addition of a second desk gives me a place to put it so I can work on it. A visit to the attic will have to happen, to fetch the box full of bits I need to finish the dollhouse: roof shingles, wallpaper and velvet for carpet, and so on. The body of the house is together, but the little stuff has yet to happen: windows that go up and down, doors with teeny hinges, all that good stuff.

See, I always wanted a dollhouse as a kid. I made my own out of cigar boxes I wheedled out of the tobacco store dude, built my own furniture out of scraps and wooden thread spools, and made dolls from pipe cleaners and twist ties. It was fun, but I always, always wanted a big dollhouse. Then, my parents had a granddaughter. My brother married and had a perfect family with 1 boy and 1 girl, and Dad was thrilled that he could build a dollhouse for his granddaughter. Mom gently reminded him that he had a daughter who always wanted a dollhouse, and if he wanted to maintain a cordial relationship with me he probably ought to provide a house for me first. So, for Christmas that year, I got a dollhouse. Kit.

Ok fine, I like kits. I like making stuff. Really I do. But at that time I had the chronic lithium tremble in my hands and fine detail work was onerous and frustrating. I got the made body of the house put together just fine, but that itty bitty stuff with the hinges and windows and dremel tool was daunting. So I put the house out of the way and sighed. Now, however, the tremors are subsiding and I am ready to tackle it again. Until last week I didn’t have a place for it. BUT! Since David moved downstairs and he didn’t want that huge maple desk and I had room in my office for it now I can use that desk for the dollhouse without getting in the way of the sculpting stuff! Happy day!

So, after getting the chores out of the way (floors, dusting, getting the excess shi…er…stuff put up), and once David gets up, I’ll get the the dollhouse up and ready to go. yes indeed, because I always need a new project.


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3 Responses to Tuesday Has Good Intentions

  1. jerseechik says:

    This is so cool. Changing meds was a very, very scary prospect, so I’m glad it’s having at least one perk!
    How’s the meds sit otherwise?

    • rootietoot says:

      So far I have nothing but good to say about the new meds. My energy level is up, I’m sleeping 8 hours a day instead of 12 or 13, hands don’t shake and Terry says my general attitude is more like it was when I was 21.

  2. Tracey says:

    All good!

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