I’m getting a haircut at 5. I want something different from the long bob I’ve worn for the past 5 years. In the distant past I’ve worn a short shag cut, that I love due to it’s simplicity in maintenance, but Sweet Daddio likes it long and feminine, and has threatened pouting (really) if I get it ‘too short’. Not that he could do much about it once it’s cut, but then he’s the one who has to look at it and honestly, I do like to Please Mah Man As Best Ah Can tm. My hair is very, very fine, baby fine. It’s fairly thick but because it’s so fine it doesn’t look or behave thick. It also grows slooooooooowly, needing a cut maybe once every 4 months or so. My face is a perfect oval, no pointy chin like Whatsername Reese, no cheekbones, just a perfect featureless oval with large eyes and dark circles under them. Small mouth, unexpectional nose.

Here are some photos I’ve picked out of cuts I really like, that I am fairly certain SD would not, but that’s not why I picked them. They are a compromise between what I want, and what he wants. That’s what it is to be married. At the end of this post I’ll put a couple of pics up of what I *really* want, and what he *really* wants, and you’ll understand the compromise.

I like this one alot, she even looks like me, a little



I also like this one, it’s not unlike how I’ve worn it when I was younger.

What He wants

What I want


And for something completely unrelated but made me laugh until I cried:
The Dreaded Fearsome Ninja


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  1. I really like the first one. Short-ish, yet very feminine. 🙂

  2. Sweet Daddio says:

    I say the 4th one down, or the top one (assuming I get a vote)

  3. jerseechik says:

    Third & fourth ones down both look great!

  4. I don’t even know what a haircut IS…


  5. rootietoot says:

    I went with the 4th one down, he made it a bit poofier but it won’t do that when I fix it, I LOVE it…it doesn’t get in my face when I drive with the top down! SD was…well. Since it didn’t look like a stripper wig, alas..

  6. traceelements says:

    I do like the fourth one down! I always gave up on choosing hairstyles from magazines because I’d always get told my hair wouldn’t go like that. Also, I’m too lazy to spend a half an hour every morning trying to style it, so it means I’m pretty limited with styles. “Wash and wear” is me. Luckily my husband must be the only male on the planet that can’t stand long hair.

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