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Bad Mood

I’ve decided to try naming my posts something that might cause hits from a google search. Pandering? yeah, so what. Yesterday afternoon my typically partly-cloudy mood (I am rarely chipper or sunny) took a downturn and became stormy with a … Continue reading

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So, another home improvement project

We have this Bad Bathroom. Really bad, as in last remodeled in 1967, with penicillin green fixtures and sparkley gold linoleum. We are changing that. The tub is no longer green, but a crisp white, thanks to a fancy-pants epoxy … Continue reading

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Because I can’t make this stuff up…

recent entries in the Statesboro Herald crime report. KENT STREET — A woman and her aunt arguing over disciplining children came to an agreement that one woman would leave. The woman leaving went into her bedroom and the responding officer … Continue reading

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#2 showed me this,

and after I went and had my arteries reamed, and drank a quart of red wine, I looked at it again. This Is Why You’re Fat The term “culinary trainwreck” comes to mind

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Is it really that grand?

I started a post, but it wound up looking like so much bragging that I deleted it and quit. Here’s something Completely Different: I live in Statesboro, Georgia. It’s a smallish to medium sized town in Southeast Georgia. If you … Continue reading

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I knew it…

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