How’s this for funny?

This guy is now following me on Twitter. I don’t mind posting it, because it’s a business with a web site, but one wonders, why is a business that installs M-16’s in Hummers following a housewife from Georgia? Will I get a Hummer (Salsa red, please, tan leather interior so as to match Carmina)?

Sweet Daddio thinks it’s because I compared the purr of Gracie to a Duramax diesel, and that’s one of their services- installing diesel engines in Hummers, and it is one of those randomly generated things.

I prefer to think it’s more personal than that. I prefer to think some dude in California who plays with obscenely large cars for a living was enchanted with my scintillating tweets.

When one is a housewife from Georgia, one has to find excitement where one can.


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One Response to How’s this for funny?

  1. LL&L says:

    Thank God for blogging. I stopped working outside of the home when I got married. Suddenly I went from supervising staff to socking socks. My mind needs stimulation and my ego loves compliments. So what a girl to do. Nice to have a guy get twittered over you, even if it is just diesel inspired.

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