For The Love of Food

I’ve made it abundantly clear, this torrid love affair I have with food. My next door neighbor called with an offer too good to refuse. “I’ve made reservations for 2 for the Culinary Arts School Graduation Project, wanna come?” For a paltry $10, one gets a 5 course meal, attentively served by waiters in black.

Here’s what Lisa and I had for lunch today. $10, people, remember that.

1)Scandinavian smoked trout, potato crisp and dilled cream
2)Wisconsin beer and cheese soup, handmade pretzel
3)Buffalo tenderloin carpaccio, truffled field greens, Iowa maytag blue cheese
4)Juniper roasted pheasant, wild rice corn cake, bratwurst and exotic mushroom ragout
5)Sour cream cake, tart cherry ice cream, candied mint crisps

We shared the table with 2 other couples, and the conversation was pleasant. The food was…wow. With the exception of the sour cream cake that was heavy and dry, it was all delicious. The buffalo carpaccio was paper thin, perfectly seared around the outside and nicely raw in the middle and buttery tender. The smoked trout. Well. They could have just brought me a whole plate full of that and called it a day. The ice cream was perfect. Sour cherries, very cream, like creamier than Hagen Daz, if you can imagine such a thing, with these little shards of minty sugar crisps, like bits of stained glass, stuck in the top of the ice cream. The soup was good, but a little bit out of place. It was, after all, something you might make for a Packer’s tailgate party.

The theme of the meal was Cuisine of the Central Plain. When I heard that a couple of days ago, I thought “what…cornbread, with corn on the cob, and Wisconsin Dairy products?” But that’s half the fun of these lunches. You don’t know til you get there. And all for $10.


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2 Responses to For The Love of Food

  1. jerseechik says:

    Ah, now THIS is a lunch you deserve. Your epicurean education (and childhood trials) have been assuaged, and right in Small Town Jaw-ja! A fine day, indeed!

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