Well, this is exciting! A while back I promised #3 that he could get an old truck to fix up, if he found just the right one. Well! We did! Actually, I found it, on Craigs List, and showed it to him and he approved. It’s a 1966 Chevy C-10, exactly what he was wanting. Now he needs to find an engine and a transmission for it…and a rear end, too. Did I mention it’s a project truck?

See, he’d been running a bit wild, spending time with people that worried us, generally flying out of control. I decided he needed a project, something to invest time, money and energy into, that he could be proud of and call his own. Since he wants to be an automotive mechanic, a project truck seemed just the thing.

On top of the project worthy nature of said truck, it’s a 7 hour drive away in Pensacola, which will give him and Sweet Daddio some serious quality time together as they travel.

I’m also getting a pole barn built in the back yard, for him to work under (and eventually for SD to use when woodworking)

I don’t care how much it all costs, really, it will be worth it to have him home and busy, instead of away and getting arrested.


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