A Bow to the Tradesman

See now, with all this kitchen renovation stuff, we’ve done the bulk of the work ourselves. Ok, so we bought the cabinets from Lowes. I did that because Sweet Daddio simply did not have the time to build them himself. Building the hutch was a bandage to his wounded ego. Anyway, thanks to certain reconstructive necessities, I had to do some drywall work. I hate doing drywall. Last time I did it I swore up and down I’d never do it again and we’d pay some person who listens to Hank Jr to come in the house and do it.

But, cheap won out and I did it again, swearing up and down I never would.

Here’s why I hate it so. It’s messy. The paste (mud) is very alkaline and hard on the hands, not to mention the manicure. If you have a manicure. Anyway, Getting it on right takes a certain finesse, that thing you can only get from lots of practice, which I haven’t had. Then, after it dries and cracks because you were impatient and frustrated, you have to sand it. Mind you, it’s not as if you’re sanding a block of ebony, it’s soft stuff, like sanding chalk. Which makes dust, which coats your glasses and gets in your hair and on your skin and did I mention it’s very alkaline?

Yesterday I finished up the bulkhead over the pantry unit and washer/dryer thing. I grumbled and cussed and complained and it took all day long but by golly it’s done, painted, ceiling part textured and everything.

Ok, I know every designer on HGTV hates textured ceilings, but hon, if you’re doing the drywall yourself and you don’t listen to Hank Jr or go fishing on the river in your spare time, you need the texture. It’s like crinkle cotton on a zaftig body- it do cover a multitude of sins.

So, I stenciled a bit from Psalm 59 all along the bulkhead. I’m happy with it, it fits my family situation. I love it when I can find something from the Bible that’s totally appropriate, even if taken completely out of context. The verse is this:
“They wander about for food and growl if not satisfied.” Psalm 59:15 The boys tried briefly to take offense, but decided it probably fit better than they initially thought.

So, sometime in the future, we’re going to cover the painted panelling in the dining room (it had to be painted, It was this cheap dark stuff put in last century about the time I was born. yuck). Drywall it is. Hire it out we will. We can to the major work of installing it, but some guy who likes to fish at the river is going to mud it. A really skilled person could do it in a short day, come back the next day to sand and touch up, and be done.

That’s down the road tho. We gotta do something about the Aqua and Orange bathroom first.


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2 Responses to A Bow to the Tradesman

  1. JerseyChick says:

    I am SO picturing the guy from “Cletus Take the Reel” on YouTube…!
    So, do you dip your fingertips in lemonade afterwards?

  2. Superbee says:

    WAIT! Aqua and orange are TOTALLY IN nowadays! I have deemed them as such, and have done my house in it!

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