3 of the 4 kittens now have homes elsewhere. The last one #3 wants to keep for himself, says that they are buddies, and I can see this is true from the way the kitten follows him around everywhere, and is in his lap when he’s sitting still.

Sweet Daddio is hanging the doors on the entertainment center. Pictures will ensue.

4 roses got planted, 3 in the ground and one in a pot. Here’s pictures of them:

Crocus Rose (in a pot)

Tuscany Superb

Pat Austin

Lady Emma Hamilton

I know, I’ve put pictures up of them before, but they’re so PRETTY and I do love me some English roses…except that the Tuscany Superb is a Gallica, but it’s an ancestor of an English, so it’s ok.

I now have an official rose garden, with 6 bushes and filler-in of daylilies and perennials like lantana and blue sage. Some herbs too, since I don’t spray my roses with unpronounceable chemicals, I feel comfortable planting herbs like thyme, various mints, and rosemary..

Rootie’s Rose Spray: Use weekly or after rain
1 quart water
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teapoon liquid Ivory detergent
The baking soda alters the pH on the surface of the leaves so molds (like black spot) and mildew won’t stick. The soap works on aphid and soft bodies insects by breaking down the waxy protective coating on their skin, and they dehydrate and die. Since the spray is not systemic, it has to be reapplied after rain, and if there’s a new infestation of aphids. This spray does nothing to rose chafers, tho. My experience with them is to go outside every evening when they’re active, and pick them off by hand. Crush them directly under the bush, and they give off a warning, kind of a chemical “This is a Bad Place” marker, and eventually they’ll quit hanging around.

It feels good to have dirt under my nails again.


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  1. I’m sitting here watching it snow. I’m sooooo jellus!

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