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Weekend breakdown

We should have 25th anniversaries more often. Perhaps each time a child turns 25, or the 25th anniversary of buying our first/second/third house/first lawnmower/4th metal mixing bowl/2nd washing machine… Ok here’s a list/breakdown. Thursday: Lunch at The Dekalb farmer’s market … Continue reading

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It’s quite a day!

25-1/2 years ago I wove my feminine wiles with a pot roast, and convinced Terry I was The One. 25 years ago today, we got married in my parents front yard, with day lilies and hostas blooming, and a couple … Continue reading

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Thoughts turning inward

Terry and I went to see Captain America last night- excellent movie! It had all my favorite qualities- lots and lots of explosions, easily recognizable good and bad guys (I hate movies that make you think), Hugo Weaving and his … Continue reading

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Better now

See, I knew I’d get over it. I always do. When something upsets me, the best course of action is to go ahead and be upset for a while and get it out of my system. Trying to not be … Continue reading

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It could be worse.

97 outside, 87 inside and no A/C. Terry can’t get the part he needs until Monday, and I refuse to give up the trip to Kentucky in order to pay a repairman to come out on a weekend. We’ll suck … Continue reading

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I’ve tried hard to keep unpleasant situations out of here. This place is as much about reminding myself of the good things as it is telling you-all about what’s going on in the Toot household. Honestly I don’t remember how … Continue reading

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One of the things Terry says is that the way to stay in love is to remember how you got there in the first place. That’s been helpful, going over old memories and planning fun together. In the interest of … Continue reading

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Thinking back

I don’t have much of a memory. Rather than a long timeline, everything neat and sequential, I tend to remember blips, impressions, and emotions. Sometimes something will set off a flurry of memories, and sometimes I’ll be doing nothing special … Continue reading

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Alot of my memories involve food. Since this is Valentine’s Day, I am specifically thinking of meals shared with Terry. One January night in 1986, it was Terry’s birthday and I wanted to welcome him back to Auburn with a … Continue reading

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A Very Short list of things I love

ok not things I love, but a particular person I love very much…very short list… Terry, my husband. Love of my life, he’s 47 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 25 years ago we decided to get married. He’d had an unhappy Christmas … Continue reading

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