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I did something I’d never done before.

I did something today I’d never done before, or ever even thought I’d do. It just wasn’t on my radar or bucket list or anything remotely important. however, I had time. My car needed some work done before we went … Continue reading

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I’ve tried hard to keep unpleasant situations out of here. This place is as much about reminding myself of the good things as it is telling you-all about what’s going on in the Toot household. Honestly I don’t remember how … Continue reading

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Making plans: on the road again

I love making plans. Half the fun of a trip is in the planning, the optimism…it’s like planting a garden, you just know it’s going to be fabulous! So anyway, when we were in Atlanta last weekend (and I am … Continue reading

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Where it all starts to fall into place

Ok, over the past few years I’ve written about the drama with my kids. I haven’t put everything out there, but enough that you know there’s been some real head-banging and gut-wrenching things going on. It’s settled down a bit. … Continue reading

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Happy birthday #4!

Dear youngest child of mine, you know that song, “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happeeee when skies are grey!” Well, you are my sunshine. Not the only one, but you get to be a member … Continue reading

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It would appear that they all survived.

the party went well! By 6:45, most of the boys (one was later due to a soccer game) were in the back yard, pelting each other with pine cones. Who needs video games when you have pine cones? I can … Continue reading

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ode to the velour track suit

I love being 45 and more worried about comfort than style. 2 years ago, with a degree of trepidation, I purchased a hot pink velour track suit. Probably not the best choice of color because with my narrow shoulders and … Continue reading

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So,#4 had his Super-Regional (I think that translates as “Southern half of the state but there was a group from Cobb County there, so not actually sure) Lego Robotics meet yesterday. Smart, Smart event organizers. Very wise and useful event … Continue reading

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A short list of things I love

ok not LOVE love, but love in that “oh thank you for existing” kind of way. 1. The seat warmers in my car. I’ve been having some backpain for the past couple of days, and they have become my good … Continue reading

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New toys to play with

So, as an early Christmas gift (which does NOT absolve him of the responsibility to put wrapped things under the tree) Terry replaced my sick and dying old laptop with a shiny new LARGE screen one, and added PhotoShop to … Continue reading

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