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You know how the screen of your computer gets dusty, and you have to clean it off. Well, sometimes the inside gets dirty as well, and needs cleaning. Here’s some help with that.

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If Only’d Better Happen.

This morning, Terry sat down with his (enormous, quart sized) cup of coffee and sighed “Why does it have to be Tuesday, why can’t it be Thursday?”. Yeah, I know the feeling. Granted, I like the week, when everyone’s gone … Continue reading

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The Prank

Because he’s nice that way, and because he’d reconnected with many of his old classmates there, Himself decided to ‘friend’ his old high school girlfriend (I almost said ‘sweetheart’ but that would be a gross mischaracterization), and right out of … Continue reading

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Needs a favor from the women

email me at Rootietoot *at* gmail *dot* com if you are female, on facebook, and willing to participate in a snarky and vindictive prank. It’s harmless and aimed at a particular woman who makes Terry deeply grateful he married me … Continue reading

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Feeling better, tho still honking

I spent yesterday on the couch, I mean ,the whole entire day, watching Netflix movies and drinking hot tea. David fixed dinner (voluntarily, bless him!), Eli dealt with the dogs and cats (bless him!). Netflix endorsement: Oh yes, love Netflix, … Continue reading

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I hab a code id by doze

One of those lovely, lovely summer colds, bred in the 80% humidity and 100 degree temps of Loveliest South Georgia in August. It’s not bad enough to warrant deepest sympathies and casseroles from the neighbors, nor petty enough to take … Continue reading

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Once again, I fall back on a recipe

Today, David got up early enough to join #4 and me on the porch as we waited for the bus. We all talked about Stuff, stuff that I don’t necessarily understand (quantum physics, even #4 gets it better than I … Continue reading

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All you need is a good book, and a functioning coffee maker

I woke up this morning, as I do every morning, with coffee the first thing on my mind. God bless the inventor of the coffee maker, and also the inventor of the automatic timer, so I can get up to … Continue reading

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A Sandwich Review

The other day I was watching TV, a show on Food Network called “The Best Thing I Ever Ate (between bread)” All these chef types talking about the best sandwich they ever had. Now, I love a good sandwich, especially … Continue reading

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Met the Neighbors

Funny thing happened yesterday, I went across the street to meet the neighbors. I’d already Amy, when her dog got run over a year ago, and finally had a chance to meet Oscar, her husband. Interesting fella, a pugnacious ex-Marine … Continue reading

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