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This works for me!
August 6, 2009, 8:13 pm
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I like to get new recipes off the internet. There’s a wealth of places, and when I find one, I can print it out, punch holes and put it in a notebook. If it’s no good I’ll just throw it away.

My favorite sites are Epicurious(for foo-foo fancy pants recipes), Foodnetwork(for not so foo-foo), Allrecipes(for Home Cookin’ type stuff), ImportFoods(for Thai recipes) and Terry’s favorite, Recipezaar

I love my folders, and hopefully one day someone will get them and think they’re useful.

CO Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy
August 6, 2009, 7:38 pm
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from Bath and Body Works. I wash my hands constantly, not because of a compulsion, but because I’m always handling nasty things, from cleaning out the catbox to fixing the chicken for supper, and my hands need washing. Consequently, they get chapped. So, once a day I wash them in CO Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy from Bath and Body Works. It’s kind of a sorta greasy ointment thing, not soapy at all, and I don’t know that i’d use it to get my hands super clean after handling something gross, BUT, where the chapped hand thing comes in, it’s stellar.

After rinsing (and it won’t all rinse off, because it’s kind of oily, like washing your hands with Vaseline), and doing a half-arsed job of drying with a paper towel, I follow it up with the Chapped Hands lotion. Not a lotion, really, more of a really dense cream. It comes in a little tube that makes you wince when you pay for it because the tube is small and the price isn’t, but you don’t use a big ol’ blob like you would with a regular hand cream. Rather, you just squeeze out a dab smaller than a pencil eraser. I use less than that, maybe a 1/2 inch squeeze of a bit around the size of a pencil lead. It doesn’t take much which lessens the pain of the price (like, $12 a tube)

After washing with the remedy, and not drying your hands very well, work the lotion in. It mixes with the water left on your hands and makes them really, really soft. If I don’t do this once a day (usually at the end of the day when I know I won’t be washing up for 8 hours) my hands heal up nicely and that flaky cracked thing that happens to them just GOES AWAY.

The worst my hands ever got was when I went to Texas last Spring to visit Grandmother. The air there is dry, and in the nursing home I washed my hands ALOT because I didn’t want to risk spreading germs around. By the end of the visit my hands were so dry they were bleeding, and looking like they could substitute for lizard skin to make boots (ok, little bitty boots). They hurt, too. I made the mistake of juicing a lemon when I got home. Ow. So, I went to B&BW to ask for help, and these are the products they showed me. I winced at the price, bought it anyway because I’d tried everything else, and within 2 days my hands were soft and healed.

Now, I don’t use it all the time, because I’m cheap, but once a day keep my hands from looking too terrible, plus it smells nice.

August 6, 2009, 3:38 pm
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Apparently, I am both heartless and ignorant (read the comments)because I believe women should be in charge of their destiny, and because I have difficulty respecting someone who repeatedly returns to an abusive relationship. The key word is repeatedly. Even a dog avoids someone who beats them, if they can. However, because I believe an adult woman is capable of determining her own way, I am “victim blaming” when I say I see their behavior as weak.

Silly me, being a woman apparently I am supposed to rely on my feelings to guide me, rather than logic and reason. I’ve said before I don’t trust feelings. Apparently these women, who (according to other commentors) cannot help themselves, because their abusers start out as charming, and charismatic, and make the women dependent on them. Ok, I can see falling for that once, maybe twice. Personally, I have trusted a charming man once. Only once, and avoid them like snakes now. Give me a sweet natured, goofyish kind of fellow over Rhett Butler any day. Give me a man who stumbles over his words and trips on the bank threshold over a man who looks fabulous and knows it. I learned. Is it unreasonable for me to believe that other women are capable of learning as well, and for having trouble respecting someone who returns to the same charming, charismatic abuser over and over again?

I realize I am a heartless asshole where these women are concerned. It’s why I am not a social worker, nor a volunteer at a women’s shelter. I’d be terrible at it and would cause more damage than good with my “get over it, suck it up and take control of yourself!” attitude.

Someone please say something to convince me I am wrong, that I “don’t understand”, am a “victim blamer” because I don’t have deep and abiding respect for women who won’t take control of their own destiny. I know…I don’t understand…I am heartless…and ignorant. Believe me, I get that, no need for calling names.



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