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I am thinking about loading the kids into the car and heading toward Tybee Island. It’s exactly this sort of spontaneous thing I never ever do. In fact, right now this very minute, my mind is saying things like “Oh~ … Continue reading

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I do it so well. Maybe it’s on the multi-tasking housewife gene. Anyway, today, I got #3 to dig me some holes, as there are roses a-comin’! We also moved a smallish tree to a better spot, and then all … Continue reading

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see more loldogs are funny dog pictures!

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So, #3 and I had a “come to Jesus” meeting, after a Dwamatic Conversation involving the ruts in my yard and pinecones.. I let him air his greivances, and I aired a few of my own. He agreed to be … Continue reading

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Each one of my kids has his own distinct personality, and his own way of causing us problems. #1 misbehaved because he would do exactly what we’d forbid, just to piss us off. #2 is well behaved, but arrogant to … Continue reading

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The yellow dust of doom

It’s spring in the Southland! I know this is true because every single horizontal surface, from cars to the dining table to my weinerdogs, is covered with a thick coat of yellow pine pollen. When the wind blows, clouds of … Continue reading

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We spent Sunday working hard on the entertainment wall unit behemoth in the living room. The doors are made (sans hinges, because I’m too picky to settle for “alright”), and shelves are all up. It didn’t hit me just how … Continue reading

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We all have it. You know you do. It’s part of our survival instinct, held over from the days when the other guy in the cave may actually *be* planning to bash our heads in and steal our body parts. … Continue reading

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The book meme!

It’s back! and I have conveniently rearranged the bookcase since the last time, so you get the pleasure of something NEW! 1. Pick up the book nearest you with at least 123 pages. 2. Turn to page 123. 3. Count … Continue reading

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beware of cavities, it’s that sweet.

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