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I’m controlled by my left toe.
February 22, 2008, 2:10 pm
Filed under: Disease and infirmity

So. last night during the night my left big toe started to hurt. “Ridiculous!” I thought, and tried to go back to sleep. But, even in my sleep that stupid big toe made it’s presence known, featuring itself in lurid dreams that weren’t at all peaceful or restorative. Ridiculous.

When I got up this morning, upon examination I determined there was a bit of ingrown toenail, not big, and not deeply set, just a little bit right at the top corner. So I removed it and my toe was sore, as one might expect.

*ok Rootie, why the long-winded discourse on the state of your left toe? Who Cares?*

Bear with me, there’s a point here.

After removing the small annoying bit, I pondered the possibility of pain relief, as my toe was sore from it’s surgery. When I stepped into the bathroom, my eye was drawn directly to Sweet Daddio’s Shelf O’ Remedies, and a tiny bottle of benzocaine, used for the occasional sore tooth.

Benzocain, I pondered. ‘caine. Lidocaine, Novocaine, Benzocaine, pain relief. So I dabbed a bit of SD’s sore-tooth elixir on my poor toe, and in less than a minute…pain free. Still is, here an hour later.

Good Public, may I recommend to you Benzocaine topical pain relief, found in the tooth care aisle of your local Walmart, for all your surface pain issues. Just a dab, is all it takes. Further tests will ensue, as I am seeing uses for such things as splinters, scratches, all manner of skin-related damage.


So, what sort of creative home remedy do you swear by?


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