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The yellow dust of doom
February 18, 2008, 9:05 pm
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It’s spring in the Southland! I know this is true because every single horizontal surface, from cars to the dining table to my weinerdogs, is covered with a thick coat of yellow pine pollen.

When the wind blows, clouds of pollen billow from the trees, like alien spore or some sort of nuclear snow. I’ve seen it every year for the past 34 years, and it never fails to amaze me.

It’s a charteusey yellow, not a buttery yellow. Yellow like the sneeze of a Anteleucodorean. And it covers the Low Country.

The good news is, we had a stout rain last night, with wind and a constant heavy downpour. So now, instead of the world being covered all over, at least until the pine blooms dry out, the yellow doom is in rivulets across driveways and in gutters, and pawprints where dogs walk through them and then track them into the house. I am beyond thankful that we have no carpet. Pine pollen and carpet…not pretty.

I wish I could get a picture of the billowing clouds coming off our (56 in this yard, countless around us) pine trees. If you’ve never seen it, it is a sight to behold.

So is the vision of all your menfolk picking glowing yellow boogers out of their noses. Everyone does it, but women tend to use tissues or do it in private.

This is the time of year I put dust covers and tablecloths on everything. In a couple of weeks I can take them down and give them a good wash, and be done with it until next year.

This is also the time SD just finished up with a humongous wall unit with 30 shelves, and assorted Objets d’ Art which will require dusting. Aren’t I special. And of course, the Objets I chose are all cobalt glass, or some other substrate which will serve nicely to highlight my lack of housekeeping abilities.

Except that everyone else in this town has the same problem. We all go around with a greenish yellow hue, surreptitiously picking our noses and and gently commenting on the breeze. It’s the Southland, it’s what we do this time of year.

February 18, 2008, 4:03 pm
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We spent Sunday working hard on the entertainment wall unit behemoth in the living room. The doors are made (sans hinges, because I’m too picky to settle for “alright”), and shelves are all up. It didn’t hit me just how MANY shelves there are- 30 0f them- and how empty they look. The next job in line is to get in the attic, go through boxes, and find stuff to put up there.

A poll question: I have a nice collection of cocktail glasses, all sorts from antique to quite modern. Should I put them on the new shelves? Is it silly to have cocktail glasses in the living room?

Should I put that weird chunk of uranium ore on the shelf next to the Richard Rhodes books about building the atom bomb?\

I’m all about relevancy when it comes to item placement. For instance, I have a jar full of rocks (not random ones, but ones that mean something, found at meaningful places and all) with a photo of the place i found many of them (a panoramic shot of the Palo Dura Canyon) and a granite maul discovered in the woods behind the house where I lived most of my childhood. Rocks, with rocks, being rocks. I like rocks. They make great souveniers plus they’re free, usually. There’s another box of rocks up in the attic, with some funky norwegian volcanic crystals and some red agates. I need to get them down.

The norwegian thing is almost exactly the colors of a bowl my aunt made, that’s black dichroic glass. I like to put them together.

I’ll take a picture of it all when the doors are finished and mounted. First we have to get Just The Right Hinges. That’s SD’s job. Bless him, he is accepting my wish for hidden hinges.

He has enjoyed building this thing, and I’ve had fun finishing it. Next item on the construction agenda is a shelf unit for #4′s closet- one of those wonderfully efficient things that makes use of all the vertical space. Right now, all #4′s stuff is just piled in the closet floor. Will this make him more inclined to keep his room clean? not likely, but it will possibly make the house easier to sell later in the future. I can see putting something in the guest room closet at sell. Right now it stores Christmas stuff, neatly, but not elegantly.

Then…I want a shelf unit on my enormous desk, something I can keep paints and rolls of ribbon and tools all at fingertip reach. Yes indeed.


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