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Christmas music
November 26, 2007, 10:18 pm
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I love the stuff! I’m totally into the Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra school of finger snapping half-drunk (or in Dean Martin’s case, wholly plastered) slighty slurred jazzy fun. Right now, this very minute, on my iPod, Frank Sinatra’s singing “I Believe”, followed by Mr. Martin’s boozy rendition of “Silver Bells”. You listen to his version of it and tell me he wasn’t thoroughly toasted when he sang it…you tell me that with a straight face.

Last Year, I broke from tradition and purchased an assortment of non-classical Christmas CD’s. Christmas With The Rat Pack being my favorite (Sinatra, Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.) Then, having fallen hard for the stuff, I purchased a Dean Martin Only CD, and now I’m wanting a Sammy Davis Jr. disc, because honestly, he’s the only one who sounds sober when he’s singing.

Now they’re all loaded onto the music slab, in my pocket and I can tune out the dogs and the children and pretend to feel all festive ‘n’ shit. I have another week or so to start feelin’ the Christmas Love. Maybe if I bake some cookies or make some truffles or something I’ll start feeling it. I did get this awesome vintage organdy apron from Ebay, very 1950′s red and white, quite feminine and kinda sheer, which elicited (avert your eyes if you’re related to me) a salacious comment from Sweet Daddio (*blush*!). I feel like I should fix my hair and put on some heels when I wear that apron, maybe a touch of lipstick, and a corned beef in the oven. I might even be convinced to iron something.

Christmas this year should be pretty relaxed. I have just about everything bought, either the item itself, or the ingredients. As per usual (hint hint Bro. Scott), my charming and wonderful sister in law will probably get too much stuff for me, and make me feel kind of…well…cheap, or something. Tell her, Bro. Scott, that I really, really like a perty apron, or a cookbook for some non-American cuisine. Please! No tons of stuff! It’s embarrasing!

Now, having said that, it does NOT apply to Sweet Daddio or the household children. They can buy me as much stuff as they want to.

We’re getting together with my parents and Bro. Scott, his charming and delightful wife and their 2 splendid and well behaved children (hear that sucking noise?), shortly before Christmas, to celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday, and The Charming and Delightful Sister In Law’s…what…um…29th (?) birthday. Dad’s getting a bottle of bourbon (Wild Turkey Rare Breed), and SIL might get a bottle of sweet muscadine wine…that Mom gave me for Christmas last year. Nasty stuff it is, really, like…kinda like grape jelly gone bad.

I have alot to do…cooking mostly. Cookies for neighbors, biscotti for relatives who don’t need anything, chocolate truffles for certain persons I deem worthy, and Oh! Almond toffee…yum, y’all. The first year I made almond toffee I wound up eating it all and having none to send off. Hopefully, I can show more maturity and self control. I bought like, 5 pounds of almonds. That’ll make lotsa toffee.

I might make snowflakes as well. I use white polymer clay and snowflake cookie cutters, so they’re like white cookies, kind of, sprinkled with silver or light blue glitter. They’re pretty hanging on the tree, and oh, so easy to make. #4 can help.

Maybe I’m feeling it more than I thought.

Deck the halls with strings of fake stuff….
November 26, 2007, 12:35 pm
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Good morning and good morning. After a week of scheduleless chaos, the chirrens return to school and life settles back into routine.I am not happy without routine. I like to know that Monday will involve laundry and cleaning, as will Tuesday. Wednesday involves shopping and/or piddling around in the crafts arena…especially this time of year.

We are not those people who put Christmas Trees up the day after thankgiving, not out of any precious sensibilities, but because #2 has a birthday on November 30, and we don’t want to go losing it in the holiday hoo-ha. Get this! He’s going to be 18! We asked if he was going to stand in a convenience store and at midnight precisely purchase himself a Playboy and a pack of cigs (like #1 did). He said alas, no, as he has the SAT to take at 8:00 am Dec 1. He does plan, however, to drive to South Carolina and purchase some smoke bombs. To each their own form of rebellion, I guess. He’s also talking about buying a bottle of fuel injector cleaner. What a wild man!

That’s not to say I haven’t put out a few decorations. We have this 2 story entryway, with stairs and a rather elaborate iron railing, painted an unfortunate cream color. (It will be black soon, very soon, just as soon as I can). I put an excruciatingly fake green garland, ropes of gold beads, and arrangements of silk poinsettias in red and cream, gold berries, red berries, and bi-color holly leaves. Pretty if ah do say so mahse’f. There’s this place in Savannah called AC Moore that’s discount craft supplies and their prices on fake flowers etc are remarkable, so I loaded up and now my foyer (I say Foy-yer…people who say ‘foy-yay’ are pretentious) is perty.

I also put out the santa mugs. Over the last 20 years or so, I’ve collected those silly mugs that look like Santa’s head. You can get them for cheap at flea markets or Ebay, and they’re cute and festive. Once in a while I’ll let a boy have hot chocolate out of one, if I’m feeling benevolent. We have this antique sideboard that has a shelf up highish, and the mugs look just right there. The spillage (now that I have more than will fit on said shelf) goes into the powder room, or maybe a few on the piano. Santa mugs can be big business. I’ve had my eye on one at Ebay and watched the bid go from 99 cents to nearly $100. I’m not paying that much. $10 (plus shipping) is the max for me. I do have my standards.

That’s all that’s going up until next weekend. We’ll get the boy’s birthday out of the way, and I have to drive to Auburn Sunday, because I get to spend some time with The Good Dr. H. in Montgomery on Monday. I intend to advance the notion that perhaps eliminating the Wellbutrin from my pharmaceutical diet would be advantageous. He has, after all, been trying to convince me to quit taking it for…oh…4 years now? yeah. But I have been chicken. I mean, if you’d been through the depression and someone says to quit taking something that makes the depression mostly go away, it’s like maybe walking a tightrope without a net. But now, lots has changed. The hip hurteth not. the blood pressure has dropped most dramatically. I can move and do things and stuff. Ergo, time to ditch the pill.

(awe, there’s a leetle kitty in my lap, purring and squinting at me. Pardon while I take a Cute Break)

Next Tuesday, I get to go to the Gyn for…you know…what Mom calls “my annual Poke-n-Prod”. This is a new one, as I haven’t had a checkup of this nature since we moved here. I hate scouting for a new doctor. The last one I had was this Indian woman with a very gentle hand and she kept The Things on a warm heating pad, so there was no *YOWZA!*. She also knew how to take the biopsy without causing pain. Remarkable. I would lay there all tense and ready for something awful and she’s go “all done!”. huh…cool.

Then! Wednesday! Cool things should be happening. I’ll fill you in after the fact.


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