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The Bee is Still in my Bonnet
November 3, 2007, 3:06 pm
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So this morning..oh, Good Morning to You…anyway, Sweet Daddio had to go to work for a bit, so I’ve spent the time being efficient. I made good use of #4, since he’s closer to the floor than I am, he got the pirvilege of picking up all the bits of this and balls of that that are awkward for me to get with my mechanical extended arm. He put socks away, and napkins, and emptied all the small trashcans..all with good cheer and a grape sucker in his mouth. As a thank you, I let him go in the backyard and continue working on his Hole to China.

I’ve got the list made of all the bulk ingredients I’ll need for baking. I’ve investigated online bulk food vendors and was disappointed. So, because I’l efficient that way, I looked up a whole foods shop in Savannah…and! Woohoo!
They have almost everything I need, even raw hazelnuts (and them’s hard to find in these parts) and organic dried cherries, for nearly half the price of the online places! And, if I wanted to, I could call in the order and go pick it up. But I don’t want to. I love these kind of markets, with all the organic stuff and the clerks wearing bandanas and the little deli selling vegetarian delights.

Whee! An excuse to go to that lovely city, AND the shop is right at the edge of Lovely Forsyth Park in the heart of the historic district, so we can buy our organic nuts, seeds and fruits, and sit on a parkbench and feel virtuous whilst laughing at the tourists in their earnest walking shoes. Well…maybe not, as I’ll be in earnest walking shoes as well.


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