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April 27, 2007, 11:22 am
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dreeeeeeeam dream dream dreeeem dreeeeeeeeeam
April 27, 2007, 7:13 am
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75% of the fun of a project is the planning. I fitz around with ideas, try this and that, see what fits and what doesn’t. It’s fun! And, since I have a couple of years to think on it, I have all that time to come up with a concept that’s clean, classic, and suits the personality of the household.

I’m talking about a kitchen. My current kitchen is functional, dark, and not terribly inspiring. It has plenty of cabinet room, adequate counters, but it just isn’t *me*. So, I’ve been plundering through e-catalogs, finding stuff that would fit (due to the way the house is built, our habit of ripping out walls to enlarge the kitchen will have to go unsatisfied), and would please my delicate sensibilities.

The first picture is of the existing kitchen, then the second is of my desired replacement.

The cooktop and Harvest Gold fan
To be replaced by a downdraft dual fuel range, and upper cabinets/fan removed

1967 wall ovens and somewhat useless cabinets

All ripped out and replaced with a vintage (looking) hutch

Cabinets replaced with flat panel creamy-white laquer cabinets, brushed nickel hardware, black countertops, and the walls a somewhat darkish (but not really dark) crimson red.
From this
to this.

And, I’d like a fancy-schmancy butcher block workstation, too.

Here’s how it all looks. Behind the curtains on the right is a small pantry. That’s coming out, and a work desk opening into the office is going in. Clear glass shelves above, so I can whine about dusting, and can see what’s going on in the office.

Behind the curtains on the left are the washer and dryer. They’re going into the utility room at the other end of the dining room. I want to put these:
in there, and make it the (much larger, more efficient) pantry. Or maybe not. SD has mentioned an interesting option that I’m willing to explore.

I like this light fixture:

So, that’s it so far. I am considering a rubber floor- very easy on the back and hips, emminently cleanable, comes in black. I am also considering wood laminate in a light maple. SD can install it with a thick pad underneath, so it has plenty of spring and give. What I do know, without a single doubt, is that the wall will be red, the appliances black, and the cabinets creamy white. And yes, I know it will look like a Steak and Shake.


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