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April 20, 2007, 7:04 am
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SD made it home safe, sound, and exhausted. He ate pot roast with as much enthusiasm as his no-sleep-in-22-hour-British-hotels-have lousy-mattresses self could muster, took 2 tylenol PM and went to bed. Bless him.

He did bring me stuff! 2 cans of mushy peas- just the label is worth it, and several packets of assorted biscuits (digestives-YUM!like a graham cracker, sort of, ginger things. chocolate covered things, and shortbread things) and this bar of 75% cocoa solids chocolate. Rich like baking chocolate but semisweet instead of bitter. Yum! Oh! Yum!

He got the boys a couple of books- they have a series over there of Young James Bond adventures, approved by the Ian Fleming estate and all, and another series by this man who is a retired SAS guy (that’s like the British equivalent of the Navy Seals), called Boy Soldier. Right up our boys’ alley. #4 dived right into the James Bond book, he loves adventures.

It’s so good to have SD home, to not be The One In Charge Completely, in case the house catches on fire or we’re suddenly attacked by a cadre of White Supremacists looking for our arsenal.

Now today, for me (now that I’m caught up on my sleep I have to try to cram everything in that I was going to do while he was gone), I am going to call Nathan and see if he has a spot for me to get a haircut. It’s Time. Laundry to do, tinkering with the vacuum cleaner to see if I can figure out why it’s on strike. 2 rose bushes to plant (Zephirine Drouhin and Sally Holmes), dogs to manage, and dang blast it all it’s COLD AGAIN! Farkin’ global warming…



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