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Because sometimes I need to step back and breathe
April 11, 2007, 2:34 pm
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I am easily excited. I hate that. I wish I could be calm and level headed, I wish I didn’t let things upset me. But they do, and I manage by stepping back, and ignoring life for a while. Today, I ignored things by going into the garden.




How weird is that?
April 11, 2007, 11:12 am
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Well, this morning I came to the startling discovery that mine own brother has been reading my blog. I am trying frantically to remember if I’ve said anything catty about my sister-in-law. I don’t think I have, because I don’t have anything catty to say about her. (except for her porcelain complexion…that’s mildly offpissing but it’s not her fault) I don’t think I’ve said anything critical about their lifestyle or children (who, btw, are Very Interesting People…hear the sucky noises?).
Oh well. I shall console myself knowing that my mother still thinks she can blow the computer up by typing a URL wrong. If she ever finds this blog I shall crawl under a rock somewhere in Utah and never be seen again.

Did you know, that until very recently, my mother was still using her 1986 Apple? Yes. She used a 20 yr old computer, and was unhappy upon learning that current software wouldn’t run on it, and gave the Apple Genius at the store the what-for about it. Dad, upon retiring, purchased a modern PC, the kind with a colored screen and pretty screensavers ,but mom retains her old Apple, because it’s comfortable and familiar. Kind of like me and my bathrobe. The boys find the old Apple to be a novel thing, playing quaint games like Snake and that one with the little dancing man…sharpshooter or something. They anticipate playing on it the same way I anticipate getting out my revolver and shooting cans. “Dude!” they say, “This is so retro!” Yeah. They like the turntable and box o’ vinyl, too.

So, it appears this whole blogthing is turning into a real family affair. Whadya know.


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