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The Creative Juices Are Beginning to Flow or…Autumnal Mania
October 30, 2006, 7:32 am
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Sunday, I made some vague comment about how I needed more white clay and maybe I’d get an 8 lb box instead of a 2 pound one. So Sweet Daddio offers to drive me to Savannah to get some! Wow! I wasn’t fishing for a trip, just making a comment. Then he asks if there’s other stuff I need, wasn’t I wanting some specialty glitter or something?

The upshot is, we drove to Savannah and he treated me to a raspberry filled KrispyKreme and a cup of coffee, then we went to Michael’s and I bought $60 worth of glitter. Basically. Microfine glitter the consistancy of baby powder, embossing powders, and these teeny glass beads smaller than seed beads and without the holes. Fabulous! And special glue! And more clay! and a little fall thingy to put in Little Martha’s vase featuring a bird and a pinecone. I’m telling you, Nirvana to me is a Michaels Store and a credit card with no limit. The only thing I didn’t find that I wanted was a snowflake cookie cutter. I use them to make Christmas ornaments out of the white clay, then I’ll use the teeny beads and embossing powder and special glue to decorate them. I’ll put up a picture of one soon.

These are great things for kids to make- get the white sculpey clay, and roll it fairly thin (1/8 inch)and cut it out with the cookie cutter. Bake it at 250 for about 15 minutes and let it cool. Then decorate any way you please- glitter and glue, or those shimmery fabric paints, sequins and beads, whaaaatever!

The clay is extremely easy to work with, and doesn’t harden until you bake it, so if you make something and don’t like it, just smoosh it up and start over. Kids love it. The clay costs about $10 for a 2 lb box, and you can get 6 large ornaments, give or take.

I should get some kind of renumeration for product endorsement. It really is an incredible product. I started messing around with it about 15 years ago, and now I make stuff all the time, for gifts or whatever.

Anyway…back to the trip. We went to the Mall where I talked SD into buying this dark purple shirt- the kind where the warp is purple and the weft if black so it looks either purpledy black from on direction or blackeldy purple from another. He remains dubious, but I think he’ll look great in it. I know Lori, his secretary will hoot at him about it. She is the Arbiter of Good Taste for that plant.

We went to Best Buy to get information about the new WII game system, and I found myself looking at cameras. Sony has taken over Minolta, and their higher end digital cameras now have removable lenses compatible with the Minolta AF lenses..,Which I have a 35mm Minolta AF w/ extra lenses that I never use because digital’s just easier and all. So I looked and pondered and SD looked at me sideways and reminded me it was his turn for a new toy. Just as well, even though the new ones are 10.2 megapixels and interchangable lenses COMPATIBLE with my old camera, they don’t do the twisty thing that makes it so easy to photo teeny stuff on the ground, and that is my just about favorite feature on my existing camera. Plus my camera’s paid for and the new ones run $1500. Then we looked at GobStopper printers- this fabulous one that prints up to 13×48. Man. And it’s Epson which is my favorite photo printer because it’s fabulous and looks like film prints. *sigh*

We went to Target, because sometimes they have snowflake cookie cutters, but it’s too early yet. I love Target, it’s like Stuffmart with class.

Next thing on my agenda: Plan Thanksgiving dinner. I am going to smoke a turkey with my own special honey-ginger-orange glaze, fix some sweet potatoes somehow, maybe make a cold broccoli salad of some sort, dressing of course, and this cranberry ginger sauce I heard about. Yeast rolls, some other stuff. I’ve got to go to Epicurious and see what I can find. Or maybe Fine Cooking. I’m open to suggestions. Except not for Green Bean Casserole. I refuse to make that. My parents will be coming, and I have yet to talk to our friends…must do that. Maybe today.


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