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October 27, 2006, 3:02 pm
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Well, the final chapter in my son’s epic adventures as Homecoming Prince(ess)has taken place.

He was disqualified because he was male. Not because he was *male* but because he is a heterosexual male. The administration told him only homosexual males can be in the Homecoming Court.


Well, now we don’t have to worry what he should wear. His teachers were disappointed. One even bought him a crown.

Oh well.

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Wait… really? Only gay dudes can be homecoming princess? Someone actually said that?! Call the ACLU! Call your lawyer! It’s litigation time! All red blooded hetero young men deserve a shot at the Homecoming princess title.

Comment by will

How bizarre. Hope he wasn’t too disappointed!

Comment by Attila The Mom

He alternates between relieved and offended.

Comment by Rootietoot

Wait. What?!

For once, I disapprove. Heartily.

I thought when you said he was elected to Court, it was for Homecoming Prince. They’re SUPPOSED to have Princes to go with the princesses.

They told him he had to be GAY to… and… of course the insinuation there is that all gays wish they were girls…

Not to mention my stance on ANY sort of discrimination based on sexual orientation…

Ooooh. I’m burned up on many, many levels.

Comment by SuperBee

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